Experience Incredible Savings with RedPay and Yippi Rewards Collaboration

Bind your accounts and offset 30% off your total bill with Yipps!

Yippi Rewards’ collaboration with RedPay and MCash represents a significant milestone in Malaysia’s e-Wallet and reward program landscape. RedPay, Malaysia’s first rewards-driven e-Wallet, offers users convenient access to various financial services, including payments, money transfers, and bill payments, all through a user-friendly smartphone app.

With Yippi’s expertise in loyalty programs, this collaboration introduces an exciting new dimension to e-Wallet payments. MCash, a leading payment solutions provider and digital wallet, offers businesses in diverse industries robust and reliable payment processing services.

Together, Yippi Reward, RedPay, and MCash are revolutionising the way Malaysians engage with digital transactions and rewards programs, providing users with a seamless and rewarding experience.

With these strategic partnerships, Yippi users now have the advantage of receiving increased rewards and savings by binding their Yippi account with RedPay.

1. Use Yipps Points to offset 10% off your bill at RedPay-affiliated merchants

Through this exciting collaboration, users can leverage their hard-earned Yipps Points (Yippi’s in-app reward points) to offset 10% off their bill at RedPay-affiliated merchants.

2. Use Yipps Points to offset 30% off your total bill at Yippi Partner Stores

Furthermore, Yippi users get to use their Yipps Points to offset 30% off their total bill when they visit Yippi partner establishments. This includes Bottomless, a delightful F&B store, Freestore, your go-to convenience store, RedBox, the ultimate karaoke destination, TopzMall, an e-commerce platform, and Togago, a trusted travel website.

Yippi users can make the most of their Yipps Points and enjoy incredible savings and rewards. In this ever-changing digital landscape, Yippi and RedPay are well-positioned to revolutionise the way customers enhance their overall shopping experience, creating a more rewarding experience for users.

3. Increased variety of merchants for Yippi Users to explore

With this partnership, users can also explore a wide range of new merchants across Malaysia, expanding their options for shopping and dining. From popular retail stores like Mr DIY, Ecoshop, and MPH Bookstores to beloved F&B outlets such as Gigi Coffee, Secret Recipe, and Tealive, there is something to suit every preference.

Together, they are shaping the future of digital transactions and setting new standards for customer satisfaction and engagement. The partnership between Yippi Rewards and RedPay has countless benefits awaiting their users. Why wait? Bind your Yippi account with RedPay to unlock new rewards and savings.

Take full advantage of this powerful collaboration and make your transactions more rewarding and enjoyable with Yippi and RedPay. Your digital journey starts now!

About Yippi Biz:

Yippi Biz is a communication platform specifically designed for businesses, offering a wide range of tools to facilitate seamless communication, collaboration and customer engagement. With a strong focus on improving productivity and efficiency, Yippi Biz provides businesses across different industries with a comprehensive suite of features tailored to their specific needs.

About RedPay:

RedPay is Malaysia’s pioneer rewards-driven eWallet, revolutionizing the modern consumer’s shopping experience through its innovative and all-inclusive loyalty program. Placing a paramount emphasis on secure payment solutions, RedPay empowers businesses to offer their customers convenient and gratifying payment experiences.

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Yippi Biz

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Official Website: https://redpay.com.my/
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